Oh, first of all i cook! I like to cook!

Meat is a delicacy now. Since last July fish, vegtables, sea food have been on my plate on a regular basis. Once a week i have a meat day. Now i can appreciate the food. It used to be so easy before. Chicken, duck, turkey, beef, pork in different ways. So easy, so convenient. Now i have to think what kind of meat i would like to have. How do i want it – roasted, fried, stewed? But today is not that day.

I like fish. Now is easy to buy fresh fish. The only problem is the price. In my neighbourhood there is a little shop/booth with different fish – salmon, cod, trout, bass. I can have it raw, fried, frozen, in salad. There are even herrings and fish soup.

I go there every now and then. First time i went there i saw european bass. The owner prasied the fish – not so smelly, tastes good.

He was right. Today my fish met the eggs. In the convection oven.

– 1 european bass fillet (mine was about 0,3 kg/0,7 pound)

– 2 eggs whisked

– black pepper

– 1 tbsp of fish sauce (i do not use salt)

– 1/2 lemon

Pepper the fish, squeeze the lemon juice, add fish sauce

Leave it for an hour

Heat oven to 180C/360F

Place the fish in oven safe dish

Whisk two eggs and fill the dish

Place the oven safe dish in the convection oven

Wait 8 minutes and enjoy the fish