This body seems to be losing weight
Each time I talk


I wish! Tuesday with corona! I run today to lose some kilos or pounds (if you are not metric).

That endomondo app is really challenging and … rewarding. Whatever you do, you always break a record. Last week i broke the record for the fastest 10 km … in 2020. And that was my only second run this year. But it was a record! I am so record-y. Can you say that? English is so ingenious.

Tonight i run and of course i broke yet another record – most calories burned in … 2020. 1133 kcal. Jesus. That app is really for kids or embarrassing. How can you do a palm face on this blog?

I did not enjoyed this particular evening run so i run slowly. I wanted to move, to be active, to lose some kilos/pounds. It took me 58 minutes to cover 10 km. I walk the same pace i think. I am always harsh with myself. You can insult me, mock me, laugh at me, I do not give a fuck. I am the only one who tells me what and who i am. I am like rain man.

So, i run awfully slow, however my endomondo app praised me. So i am happy.


Work was busy again. Damn you coronavirus! I wanna have fun in my office. Let me play, will you?  Have a book to finish. I wanna know who the murderer is!


My friend from Austria woke up. He lives in Sydney. He likes my jokes about confusing Austria with his down under land. He is an academic teacher i guess (he has got a new job lately). He has got his PhD title quite recently. Hats off Mark! I mean drMark. It is better to get PhD than corona, right? Sorry, lame joke. Palm face again.

He said:

You see the lines of people buying guns in the US? That could be a scary scenario. Angry Americans shooting people with the virus. Like walking dead

Well, if those people are Donald Dumb i believe in all that. Walking Dead scenario is about to come true. Behold America.

And that was Tuesday!